Healthy Snacking: Healthy people snack more

There’s a lot of media coverage about eating. Usually however, the actual subject matter revolves less around healthy habits, and more around the negatives of excess; obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Snacking is becoming the norm

Unlike our ancestors, eating comes pretty easily to most of us in this country; there’s not much hunting and gathering going on in order to eat. If you’re like me, the only hunting we do is through our wallets and purses for the right amount of change!

The recent article I read however was about the changing nature of eating habits; not just what we eat, but when we eat.

Researchers have found that, as our lives have got busier, we’re looking to fit our feeding patterns into our schedules. It is becoming far more common for people to be eating smaller ‘meals’, or snacks, up to five times a day rather than the traditional three – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Healthy lifestyles are supported by healthy snacking

The research suggests that, just like our ever-present appetite for social media and electronic connectivity, our appetite for food is becoming more continuous too. But that’s not all. It seems the healthier the lifestyle of a person, the more likely they are to snack more often. And healthier people seem to justify in their own mind that snacking is not only OK, but actually good for them.

The only catch however is, of course, what you actually decide upon to eat to keep yourself topped up because, in this day and age, there’s a vast array of packaged foods vying for your attention.

Packaged foods are designed to bring you seemingly delectable delights that are ready-to-eat, taste good and fill that hunger hole really quickly. Unfortunately most packaged ‘healthy’ snack foods aren’t all they’re claiming to be; they’re parading as healthy but are no more nutritious than a donut!

What should I eat?

My personal view is that the simplest foods are always the best.healthy snacking option

A handful of raw, or slow dry-roasted, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit, dried berries, or vegies such as celery sticks, avocado & carrot sticks are all excellent snack choices.

healthy snacking






The latter can be made more tempting with healthy dips such as Hummus or Baba Ganoush.

If it’s packaged snack, my first rule of thumb is aim for an ingredient list that is less than ten items long. If it’s not, then it’s more than likely you’ll be trying to read a bunch of weird names.

There’s many ingredients used to make the manufacturing process more efficient, but they’re certainly not there to make them more nutritious.