Our simple belief is this; eat something decent and your body will thank you

Think Products is a family company owned by Hugh Cowan; a naturopath and father of two.

“If you’re like me, I sometimes get overwhelmed by choice. Too much choice can be confusing, and the companies offering all these choices often become too confused too…

Our aim is to free your mind from yet another decision about what to buy, and feel confident that we’ve done the thinking for you.


We’re very proud of our snack range, and are 100% committed to helping you make easy choices for you and your family.”

We have 3 simple rules:

Our snacks must be

1. legitimately nutritious

2. visually appealing

3. a taste sensation!

Bloom and grow

It’s very easy to get confused by the sheer number of ‘healthy’ products on the market today, but the simplest options are nuts, seeds and fruits.

Of course fresh is always best, but conveniently-packaged snack foods don’t necessarily compromise nutrition.

Not with our products anyway 😉

This website is designed to help you make an informed choice, but if you have any questions, please call or email us.

“Health is the thing that makes you feel now is the best time of the year” FRANKLIN P ADAMS

Giving Back

Think Products is a supporting sponsor of the Pathways Foundation; a harm prevention charity which aims to assist young people make the crucial emotional shift from childhood to adulthood.

I’ve had the great pleasure, and honour, of taking both my sons on Pathways to Manhood camps. I’ve been so moved and impressed by the effect that it’s had on them, myself, and our relationships, that I was motivated to help support their work.

In traditional societies where the village collectively raises their children, much attention and energy is invested into their Rite of Passage; marking the transition from child to young adult. The villagers know that their very survival depends upon healthy, emotionally-mature men and women as community members, rather than ‘overgrown’ boys and girls. Amongst all other events that make up the rich fabric of village life, a Rite of Passage is a fundamentally important process.

In our modern world, it is rare that a community helps bring up their children, so it is more important than ever to assist our boys and girls on their first steps to young adulthood with a dedicated process.

The Pathways Foundation facilitates this process by providing well-structured, supportive, community-based Rites of Passage camps for boys and their fathers, and girls their mothers.

Significant benefits

Their work makes a difference and independent market research on Pathways to Manhood participants confirms the following significant benefits for the young men: increased confidence, stronger, more respectful, and supportive father relationships, increased respect for women, increased motivation to set goals, apply themselves to study, and to participate and give back to their community.

We all want our children to grow up to be well adjusted young adults; to do well, and to retain strong, long lasting bonds with them throughout their lives. To achieve this, it is vital they grow up emotionally, and a Rite of Passage process can provide the first steps of that important journey.

A portion of every sale of our specially-marked munch products is donated to this worthy Australian organisation, so ‘thank you’ for helping to support this wonderful charity and their important work.

For more information, please visit http://www.pathwaysfoundation.org.au