High Quality & Nutritious

At ThinkFood, our belief is simple: ‘eat something decent, and your body will appreciate it.’

This mantra underpins our goal to provide you and your family with nourishing, high-quality yet unsophisticated food. We have confidence in our products and you should too, thanks to our trust and commitment to nutritious simplicity. To us, this means simplified choices with lots of thought, while still providing our customers with a fantastic range to choose from. Forget feeling overwhelmed when it comes to feeding your family: ThinkFood does the hard work for you!

We keep three simple rules at the forefront of our mind. Our food should be:

  • Visually appealing
  • Legitimately nutritious
  • Delicious

We also put a lot of emphasis on seeds, nuts and fruits, as well as grains. In fact, these natural and traditional ingredients were what lead us to where we are today: we wanted to create food that is based on whole food ingredients and century-old recipes. Forget modern-day additives and ingredients you wouldn’t put in a dish yourself. We trust the understated-yet-complex flavours and goodness of natural ingredients, as evidenced by the simplicity of all our recipes. Every artisanally made snack we offer incorporates zero artificial preservatives or additives.

Instead of honey or glucose syrup: we make use of house-made rice to bind together our ingredients. This ensures your tastebuds don’t feel like the delicate balance between salty and sweet has been compromised.

Our brands available are Crispy Fruits, ThinkFood Mini Munch, and ThinkFood Munch. 

Think Food Munch